Looking for a Dietitian in Durban?

The Ashleigh Hall and associates Dietitian is qualified to understand and interpret the science of food and nutrition, assess nutritional needs, advise on nutrition and diet for general good health or special needs e.g. medical conditions, athlete nutrition, or child nutritional needs.

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A Dietitian is a qualified health care professional who is registered with the HPCSA (Health Care Professionals Society of South Africa). Dietitians have a minimum of a 4-year Bachelor of Dietetics or Bachelor of Science in Dietetics or a 2-year Post Graduate Nutrition and Dietetics Degree.

Dietitians undergo training in all aspects and fields of nutrition therapy and therefore are the only professional who is able to assess, diagnose and treat diet and nutrition-related problems both for individuals and at a public health level. Dietitians are the most up to date on the latest evidence of health and diseases as well as food to allow them to translate this information into practical guidelines to assist the public to make better choices and to live healthier lives.


A Registered Dietitian is trained to assist with any nutrition or diet-related condition. In South African we do not have formal areas of specialisation but rather special areas of interest. Most dietitians in private practice will have conditions they are more familiar with treating; however dieticians are trained in all areas of clinical management (assessment, diagnosis and treatment of nutrition or diet-related issues), public health nutrition education, food service management and certain aspects of research as well. Dietitians work with both healthy and poorly individuals to optimise nutritional health through diet.

Where a dietitian’s skill lies is in their ability to translate and interpret the science of nutrition to improve health and treat diseases and conditions. This is done by educating and giving practical advice to patients and their family where necessary. When you see a Registered Dietitian, you are ensured evidence-based approaches where evidence and research has been the basis used to inform their advice.