Are looking for a Medical or Sports Injury clinic in Durban?

Ashleigh Hall and associates is comprised of an experienced team of HPCSA accredited Healthcare professionals, and our services include that of Physiotherapy, Biokinetics and a General Practitioner.

“The staff have been very efficient & have treated us with dignity. They have been pleasant & compassionate. I will recommend them for their excellent treatment.”


We are a DBC-accredited clinic with centres in Durban and Umhlanga. 

Our focus is the elimination of musculoskeletal pain in the whole body, treating both acute and chronic pain as well as assisting with other disorders and rehabilitation. Our team of practitioners have an enormous amount of valuable experience and are committed to helping patients live a pain-free life.


A Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) – a group of health care workers who are members of different disciplines/professions, for example Physiotherapists, Biokineticists, Dietitians, each providing specific services to the patient.

The benefit of working within a centre housing an MDT is that you benefit from a team approach to whatever condition you are currently experiencing. With many highly-trained professionals able to share their expertise you are guaranteed to receive the highest level of care from exceptionally successful treatments leading to an improved quality of life. 
Having various professionals working together also provides one with the convenience of having all the necessary medical support that may be required under one roof.


We make use of state-of-the-art equipment and machines to ensure patients are treated safely, specifically according to their current ability, as well as assisting them in their progress. The DBC protocols and equipment aid in the restoration of normal function to the neck and back. The back rehabilitation protocol uses machines which target the trunk muscles of the spine helping to restore mobility and control, whilst simultaneously building muscular strength and endurance. Furthermore, the protocol for neck rehabilitation includes machines that incorporate shoulder and scapular motion, as the shoulder and the neck have a close functional relationship.

Private patients may use the DBC machines, however we prefer to focus more on functional exercises that the patients can perform at home with minimal equipment. This is done to accommodate the patient due to the possible limitations of the number of treatments they can afford to attend. DBC allows for more contact sessions with the patients, which makes the machines more appropriate for DBC patients.